Asking God for a Discerning Heart

Asking God for a Discerning Heart

If you are in a difficult position you don’t feel ready for, the following prayer—very short and right out of Scripture—will help you.

This prayer was first prayed by a young King Solomon, who didn’t feel ready for his new position as king of Israel. One night he dreamed he was talking with God. Many of us know this story, but we don’t always notice a key element of Solomon’s prayer:

“Give me a discerning heart.”

We can pray that same prayer. As believers in Jesus, that is what all of us need—a discerning heart that can continually turn to the Lord to see what He wants to do.

Being a good spouse, parent, staff member, leader, etc. isn’t about learning all the rules. It isn’t about following patterns. It is about discernment. What is God doing in the moment? A discerning heart can answer that question.

If you’re in a situation where you feel overwhelmed, ask God for a discerning heart. He will surely give it to you, and you will be much better off than you were before.

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iam so blessed to your ministry

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