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  • Lost and Found - Keys for Healing Rejection CD

    This is a great life - changing lesson for EVERYONE to hear. Roberts story of `Donna` is heart-gripping. Key elements for healing from rejection by others are shared in a...
  • Burden Bearing CD Series

    Transferred from cassette tape to CD is John and Paula`s classic teaching sessions on "Burden Bearing". In part one of this two-part teaching you will learn the definition and purpose...
  • Gentle Soaking Prayer, Healing for Fear and Anxiety

    This 30-minute audio prayer was especially developed by Elijah House Ministries Australia manager David Tensen for his own children as they battled with anxiety and fear. Since recording and releasing...
  • Healing Trauma 2013 CD Set

    Sandra Sellmer-Kersten has effectively ministered this series of teachings in many parts of the world. It is now available as a set suitable for individual review and portable listening. NOTE:...
  • Father's Blessing of Love, Soaking Prayer CD

    The need for a father's blessing is one of the most heartfelt needs we have. A father's blessing was once a regular part of Hebrew life and began in the...
  • Bitter Root Judgments and Expectancies - 201 School Lesson 2 (mp3)

    Through our roots, we draw either life or death. A root is a way of drinking from God, others, ourselves, and life. Just as we learn accents in speech, roots...
  • Unmet Needs - 201 School Lesson 14 (mp3)

    Within each of us is a deep God-given longing for love and grace. That longing manifests as basic human needs, including: having physical needs taken care of, being welcomed and...
  • The Transformation Series Set - (CD)

    John and Paula Sandford teach - in their classic team-teaching style - some of the core lessons of Elijah House Training. This series includes: Ministering In the Power of the...
  • Sample Prayer for Release of Trauma CD

    This is a recording of Sandra praying a sample prayer for trauma. This CD can be played for individuals or in groups to assist people in receiving their healing and...
  • It's Not For Nothing - CD

    In the aftermath of tribulation, distress, and death, we can do so much more than barely make it; We can OVERWHELMINGLY conquer through Him who loves us. ITS NOT FOR...
  • Reconciling Heart to Mind - CD

    What is the difference between living from the head and living from the heart? Why do some people soak up love while others are unable to accept or even feel...
  • Understanding Adult Children of Alcoholics CD

    Understanding Adult Children of Alcoholics. In this 75-minute teaching you`ll learn the common characteristics of ACOA`s and the roles they often play in family and society. Discover how alcoholism and...
  • Spiritual Warfare and Renewal of the Mind CD

    In this 85-minute teaching you`ll learn that our first warfare is with the mind of man -first to allow us to accomplish healing and second, to keep the healing. Learn...
  • Parental Inversion and Substitute Mate - 201 School Lesson 20 (mp3)

    Parental inversion is defined as a reversal of roles - a parent takes on the child's role, and/or the child takes responsibility, usurping the parental role (usually unconsciously). Substitute mate...
  • Reconciling with God (Healing Spiritual Rebellion) - 201 School Lesson 21 (mp3)

    Spiritual rebellion is fleeing from our Creator and the life He has given us. It is a deep and anger-filled rejection of who we are, or the life God calls...
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